A Collection of Wonderful Sandwich Videos

If you are a lover of sandwiches, you likely have a great time watching videos of sandwiches being made on the internet. Here are a few particularly excellent videos that you cannot help but enjoy. 

The first one is a sandwich recreation from Adventure Time, filmed and constructed by the fantastic Binging with Babish. 

Adventure Time is one of the best children oriented cartoons created in the last decade and Jake the Dog is one of the main characters. He has a deep love of sandwiches and this is his masterpiece. 

Our next sandwich video is from Food Wishes, by Chef John. He is one of the most enthusiastic people making videos on the internet, and they are always a joy to watch. 

This grilled cheese opened my eyes to the world of creative cooking. The concept of cheesing the outside edges of your sandwich is a good one, and it results in a unique texture that you will love. You should make one of these right now. 

Sometimes people like making things harder than they need to be. We are blessed by an amazing system of agricultural production and food storage that allows us to buy food for next to nothing in a grocery store. However, I will not assault the dreams of the stubborn visionary who wants to do everything themselves, including making a chicken sandwich entirely from scratch. 

This is a 12 part video that goes over every aspect in detail, with 2 additional videos that go over flavor and a summary of the project. You can gain a lot of insight into how far we have come as a society by watching this man make a sandwich. 

This is one of the more obscene and wonderful sandwich videos on the internet. Action Bronson, a very entertaining character chef and rapper, essentially gets really high on camera and makes a delicious sandwich. 

Even if you aren't one to partake in all of the ingredients used in the creation of this video, Action Bronson's philosophy of sandwich making is right on the money. This recipe called for recreational indulgences, a glass of wine, a leisurely stroll through the garden, and the import of an incredibly rare jam made from the leftovers of a wine barrel. This is how sandwiches were meant to be made, as an fun event with friends, innovation in materials, and with a tasty end product. 

Adam Richman has created one of the most interesting TV challenges of all time, the quest for the Greatest Sandwich in America. You can learn more about it here - Wikipedia Link - the short version is that he sought out the most amazing sandwich artists in America and staged a rousing contest to see who had the most talent. 

Final Bite: The Yardbird

In the championship finale, Brian Perrone makes Adam a Yardbird sandwich.

(You need to click through to watch this, it doesn't embed well)

The Yardbird was definitely one of the most unique sandwiches in the competition and its creation is so whimsical that it is no surprise that it was one of the final contenders.