The S in September is Sandwiches

Subway is the largest franchise on earth. There are over 44,000 locations in 110 countries, so it's suffice to say, Subway is a serious sandwich system. This year, Subway is selling any of their footlong sandwiches for just $6 apiece. I am taking this opportunity to use their promotion to its fullest and will catalog my favorite sandwiches here. 

First on the list is what I feel to be the optimal version of their new Turkey Italiano Melt. Let's see what Subway is capable of outputting. 

Here is my core ingredient list for this creation. 

  • Bread: Honey Oat
  • Meat: Turkey, Salami, and Pepperoni
  • Cheese: Mozzarella

Following the selection of these ingredients, it is important to request this be toasted, Extra. 

The next step is to add some more delicious ingredients. 

In this order

  1. Lettuce
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Subway Vinaigrette
  4. Green Peppers, Extra
  5. Onions, Extra
  6. Black Olives
  7. Salt and Pepper
  8. Oregano
  9. Parmesan

Let's go over exactly why we would choose to make this sandwich in this way. Nothing ever happens for a single reason. Starting with the bread, Honey Oat was selected because it is the most flavorful and substantial of Subway's options. The Italiano Melt contains Pepperoni, Salami and Turkey as its meats, and these three are some of Subway's most delicious options. It's important to choose meats with strong flavor that supplement each other well and don't interfere with each other. Pepperoni is a spicy and greasy, Turkey is a lean and juicy, and Salami is savory and hearty. 

We add mozzarella to the mix for the purpose of providing a chewy texture as well tying together the meats structurally with the remaining ingredients. Next we add mayonnaise and Subway Vinaigrette to lettuce to form a significant, flavorful section. Lettuce is truly excellent for holding sauces, it has few peers in this capacity. 

With this alone, we have formed the base rhythm of this sandwich, all other ingredients are finishing touches on the symphony. I chose to add black olives to include a strong, rich flavor that goes very well with Salami and Pepperoni. I followed up with Green Peppers and Onions for crisp and crunch, and to add a touch of freshness to the recipe. 

The salt and pepper, oregano, and Parmesan add spice, earthiness, and a bit of salt to cut through straight to the top.  I made this sandwich today and enjoyed it considerably, I would eat it again. For $6 it is an incredible deal, and I am excited to see if I can make a better sandwich than this. Happy Sandwich September everyone!