Breakfast Sandwiches

The famed Breakfast Sandwich is a collection of American breakfast foods assembled into a sandwich. Introducing Fried Eggs is generally an easy way to achieve the Breakfast labeling, but the inclusion of Bacon or Hashbrowns can also contribute.

Breakfast is an excellent meal, with its own set of rules and standard ingredients that are totally separate from lunch and dinner. Breakfast sandwiches tend to contain eggs, cheese and a form of meat. One of the most famous and commonly eaten breakfast sandwiches is the McDonalds Egg McMuffin. An egg, a slice of cheese, and a cut of ham are placed between a sliced English Muffin. This sandwich is so simple, and so delicious that versions of it have been reproduced in restaurant chains around the world.

Another delicious breakfast sandwich is the Monte Cristo, an item that can serve as a barometer for the quality of a diner. The Monte Cristo is essentially French toast with cheese and ham in the middle, doused in powdered sugar and with a small helping of jam or jelly for dipping purposes. This sandwich borders the line between a dessert and a meal, but it is indeed delicious and should be enjoyed by any sandwich appreciator.